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Upper Lip Lift

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The upper lip has a central role in facial harmony and beauty. Due to congenital reasons or the process of aging, the upper lip can appear unbalanced in relation to the lower face or nose.

As you age, the skin between the nose and the upper lip can lengthen. This can result in lip inversion thus hiding your smile – making your lips appear small and empty. One solution that often comes to mind is a lip filler but if you want a permanent solution to fuller lips, then an upper lip lift is your answer.

What is an upper lip lift?

An upper lip lift is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of one’s smile and facial proportions.

In most forms of the surgery, the skin above the upper lip is removed or the inner surface of the upper lip is advanced outwards; thus, giving the upper lip a more volumized appearance.

Types of upper lip lift

There are different types of an upper lip lift such as:

  • Direct lip lift: thin strip of skin just above the upper lip is removed. This shortens the distance between your nostril and lip and gives your upper lip a fuller look. A small scar just above your upper lip will remain.
  • Bullhorn lift: a strip of excess skin just beneath the nostrils is removed in the shape of a bull horn to lift the upper lip. The scar is hidden at the lower margin of your nostrils.
  • Corner lip lift: suitable for individuals with turned down lips. Small flap of skin are removed from the corners of the lips and the corners of your lips are rotated upwards. This results in a more upturned lip corners that corrects the downturn lips giving some patients a sad appearance.
  • V-Y mucosal lip plasty: this is a special technique suitable for younger patients without a long upper lip skin but desires a fuller lip and hidden scars. The inner surface of the upper lip is advanced outwards to increased forward protrusion of the red lip and its volume. The scars are hidden and it can give lasting volumization similar to lip fillers.

Benefits of an upper lip lift

  • Permanent alternative to lip fillers
  • Safe 
  • Prominent lip line
  • Fuller lips
  • Reduction in fine lines above the upper lip

What should I expect before the procedure?

During your first consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss your problem areas and desired results. Additionally, you will discuss on the following things:

Medical history

It is important to give honest answers with regards to your medical history. This allows your surgeon to make accurate and safe decisions with regards to the procedure. Inform your surgeon about any medications, surgeries, or allergies you have/had. You must also inform your surgeon if you have diabetes, circulatory problems, thyroid problems, and other health issues if any.

Physical examination

Your surgeon will conduct a physical examination and help to identify any problem areas that can be treated with an upper lip lift.

After this, you and your surgeon will discuss the options available and the possible results with each option. Once the treatment plan has been decided for you, your procedure will be booked. Before the procedure, you must:

  • Stop smoking: smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and hinders the healing process. It also increases your risk of tissue damage.
  • Control allergies: upper lip lift patient will be screened for allergic rhinitis (ie. sensitive nose) and started on treatment before the surgery. This will reduce the chance of adverse scarring due to frequent rubbing of the nostrils and the post-surgical scars.
  • Stop some medications: medications such as aspirins and anti-inflammatory drugs are blood thinners which may increase bleeding during and after the procedure.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Upper lip lift is an out-patient procedure, this means you do not need to stay overnight at the hospital. It is a short procedure and involves the following steps:

  • Premedication: Oral antibiotics, pain-killers and a mild anxiolytic will be given to you to reduce risk of complication and improve your experience.
  • Oral hygiene: You will be asked to gargle your mouth before surgery to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Local anaesthesia will be administered to the treatment site.
  • Depending on the type of upper lip lift chosen for you, the incisions or excisions are made.
  • Your upper lip is lifted, and incisions are sutured up.

Lip lift is a key procedure for achieving superlative results in facial rejuvenation or harmonization. 

During your consultation, Dr. Vincent Tay would be happy to tailor the procedure to your specific needs, and achieve for you a youthful, natural looking results.

All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. The procedure should be carried in a safe environment and in an accredited clinic. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome could occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

who is a candidate

for Upper Lip Lift

Individuals with the following issues are suitable for an upper lip lift:

  • Inverted upper lip 
  • Difficult to show the upper teeth when you smile
  • Upper lip appears small and empty
  • Excess skin between nose and upper lip

What to expect?

for Upper Lip Lift

  • After the procedure, you should expect some mild bruising, swelling, and discomfort.
  • This should go away in a few days.
  • You must avoid strenuous physical activity and smoking in the weeks after your procedure.
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth and do not sleep on your face.
  • Keep your lips moisturised and follow the instructions of your surgeon post-procedure. 
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