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Longer lasting shaping effect

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In Singapore, people generally prefer slender, well defined noses. Often, they are afraid of the pain of going for an invasive treatment like a Rhinoplasty for a defined nose bridge.

Thanks to medical advancements, patients in Singapore can now opt for a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative called a thread lift for a sharper nose tip and more lifted skin.

What is Threadlift

Thread lifts in Singapore uses Polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are fully absorbable by the body in order to enhance, redefine and shape parts of the face.

They are commonly used on the cheeks and nose bridge in order to sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing look.

What is the difference between Face Fillers vs a Thread Lift treatment in Singapore?

Thread lifts are more invasive than face fillers, so the discomfort is slightly higher. However, thread lift results typically last about twice as long (up to 3 years).

Thread lifts can also help achieve added nose height and a slightly sharper nose tip.Both dermal fillers and face thread lifts can be done at the same time for optimal results.

Dermal fillers are more effective at contouring specific areas of the face; while a face thread lift lifts the whole face and rejuvenates sagging skin to create a more youthful appearance.

Motiva® Round

A Full, Round, Shapely Breast

Motiva® Round is a round implant filled for firmness without compromising softness. It is designed to provide the highest projection, balanced firmness, and a complete filling of the upper pole of the breast.
  1. It provides the highest projection and a complete filling of the upper pole.
  2. Perkier and more youthful appearance.
  3. Stable round soft look and feel.

For patients who preferred to experience a fuller upper breast for a perkier and more youthful appearance.

*Text and image credits to original site

Balanced firmness, with a perkier and youthful appearance.


It is designed to provide the highest projection, and a complete filling of the upper pole of the breast.


Motiva® Round is a round implant filled for firmness without compromising softness.

Anatomical TrueFixation®

It's all about safety

Stable anatomical shape – Anatomical TrueFixation® our teardrop-shaped anatomical implant.
  1. Proprietary TrueFixation® tabs maintain a rotation-resistant, natural teardrop shape.
  2. Our cell-friendly SmoothSilk® SilkSurface® surface for softer feel.
  3. Guidelines visible during insertion and follow-ups to ensure correct placement.

Designed to simulate the shape of a natural breast. As the only smooth anatomical implant on the market, this implant comes with fixation tabs to keep the implant in place, as well as radiopaque orientation lines and dots to guide the surgeon during placement and to verify implant position during X-ray.

*Text and image credits to original site

Rotation-resistant, Blue radiopaque lines and dots on the implant guide the surgeon in properly orienting it during placement and allow for X-ray visibility during post-op follow-ups to ensure everything has stayed in place.


Two reinforced silicone tabs (i.e. its “fixation” system) can be sutured to tissue to minimize the implant displacement.


TrueFixation® comes with our cell-friendly SmoothSilk® SilkSurface®, to help reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Types of Threadlifts in Singapore: Silhouette Soft and MINT

There are two common types of thread lifts in Singapore. Both are FDA approved:

Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts

  • Known as the Lunchtime Lift, or One-stitch Facelift.
  • A minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-ageing procedure.
  • Offers visible lifting and gradual collagen stimulating effects.
  • Naturally restores shapeliness to the face and nose.
  • Utilises resorbable sutures made of Polylactic Acid (PLA).

PLA is a key material for surgical sutures, orthopaedic devices, medical implants, and drug delivery systems. It is biodegradable and extremely safe for the human body.

MINT Thread Lifts

  • Also known as the Korean Facelift.
  • The only FDA-registered PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift.
  • Patented technology that offers better, longer-lasting results.
  • Rejuvenates skin by naturally stimulating collagen production.
  • Designed for lifting the mid & lower face, and jawline.
  • Instantly lifts and tightens sagging skin.
  • Immediate and long-term lifting effects.
  • Absorbable threads.

Due to the versatility of MINT threads, doctors can offer highly-customisable treatments with natural, transformative results. MINT Thread Lifts are often used in Korea.

Threadlift at Artisan Plastic

Dr Andrew Cheah is a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon. He will help and guide you to achieve the following results that last for years (up to 3 years) without going through surgery:

  • Reshape your nose and cheeks
  • Achieve a slimmer nose tip
  • Tighten and lift saggy skin

All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. The procedure should be carried in a safe environment and in an accredited clinic. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome could occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

who is a candidate

for Threadlift

Individuals with the following issues are suitable for a Threadlift:

  • Sagging skin
  • Not satisfied with their nose shape
  • Wants longer lasting effect of nose or face shaping

What to expect?

for Threadlift

  • An immediate lift and recontouring of your target area that will last between 1 to 3 years.
  • Safe and effective solution as threads are fully absorbable by the body.
  • Minimal downtime so you can resume your daily activities immediately after your procedure.
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