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Buccal Fat Removal

by Artisan

Remove fat between cheekbones and jaw bones

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Buccal fat removal, also known as cheek reduction, is a surgical procedure to remove fat between the facial cheekbones and jaw bones. This creates a more defined and slimmer facial appearance, giving the individual’s face a V-shape.

Some people have more buccal fat or cheek fat than others, leading to a rounder or chubbier face shape. Over time, as collagen production drops significantly due to ageing and other factors, the skin also starts to sag in the cheeks. Removing the buccal fat can create a more slender V-shaped contour in the lower face while highlighting the cheekbones for a more attractive and youthful face shape. 

What is Buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal is an invasive procedure carried out by a surgeon and is typically done for aesthetic reasons.

It can restore confidence and improve self-esteem for those unhappy with their face shape or have excess fat in their cheeks that is difficult to remove through other methods. As there is significant downtime with this surgery, it requires careful deliberation and awareness of the side effects associated with healing.

Buccal fat removal may also be done with other plastic surgery procedures such as facelift (link to service page), rhinoplasty, liposuction, and chin augmentation to further remove excess fat and enhance facial harmony, depending on the patient’s goals. 

How does buccal fat removal work?

Buccal fat removal surgery involves a plastic surgeon making small cuts inside your mouth on both sides of the face to expose the buccal fat pads. The surgeon carefully cuts and removes the buccal fat. Once completed, the surgeon closes up the cuts with sutures or stitches. 

bucca fat removal
Buccal fat is removed via incisions made on the insides of the mouth.

You may be put under general anaesthesia during the procedure, especially if a few procedures are being done simultaneously. Alternatively, a local anaesthetic may be applied to numb the area and prevent you from feeling any pain and discomfort. It is typically done as an outpatient procedure, and you can return home afterwards to rest.

Benefits of buccal fat removal

  • Reduces fat in the cheeks
  • Creates a slender jawline and V-shape in the lower face
  • Improves cheek and jawline definition
  • Highlights the bone structure 
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What conditions can buccal fat removal treat?

Buccal fat removal can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Excess fat in the cheeks (chipmunk cheeks)
  • Round or plump face shape
buccal fat removal 
Buccal fat removal slims the face and improves the appearance of chipmunk cheeks to achieve a V-shape and a more defined jawline.

What results can I expect?

As you will typically discuss your desired goals with your surgeon at length, you can expect to see the results you desire after this surgery. It is known as a safe, quick, and simple procedure, but there may be risks involved, just like with any other invasive surgery. This may include bleeding or infection. Your surgeon will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and help manage your expectations. 

You may experience swelling, pain, inflammation, numbness, and bruising after the procedure for several days; these can be managed with painkillers to help alleviate discomfort. It may also be difficult to swallow food, and you may be advised to consume a liquid or soft diet during the healing process. You should avoid physical activity and rest as much as possible for the first two weeks. It can take up to six months to reach a full recovery where you will see the best results.

Buccal fat removal is permanent as the fat is completely removed. However, there is a chance of buccal fat returning if you gain weight.

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buccal fat removal 
Buccal fat removal can improve self-confidence and enhance the facial shape for a slimmer and more attractive look.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

Only one surgical procedure is needed at a time for buccal fat removal. You will likely need to return for a follow-up so your surgeon can remove stitches and check your healing progress. You may also be advised to return for other treatments to maintain your skin’s health and prevent ageing or other procedures to enhance your facial shape. 

Book a consultation with our skilled and experienced plastic surgeons today and get the v-shaped face you’ve always wanted. 

During your consultation, Dr. Vincent Tay would be happy to tailor the procedure to your specific needs, and achieve for you a youthful, natural looking results.

All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. The procedure should be carried in a safe environment and in an accredited clinic. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome could occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

who is a candidate

for Buccal Fat Removal

Individuals who wish to improve the following:

  • Excess fat in the cheeks (chipmunk cheeks)
  • Round or plump face shape

What to expect?

for Buccal Fat Removal

  • Reduced fat in the cheeks
  • A more slender jawline and V-shape in the lower face
  • Improvement in cheek and jawline definition
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